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rencontre femme marocaine en france FEAST OF PONTIUS PILATE

rencontre timide In their own words, Jesus (Yeshua) and Pontius Pilate reveal their side of the story that changed human history.
This is a spiritual journey like no other. Betrayed and deserted by most of his disciples Yeshua encounters a kind centurion. Unconvinced of Yeshua’s guilt, Pontius Pilate, faced with a belligerent High Priest, gambles Yeshua’s life and loses. Political threats darken the Prefect’s judgement. Can he live with the choice he is about to make? Select version to order

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Click This Link LazarusofBethanycover_smallLAZARUS OF BETHANY

site de rencontre gratuite en cote d'ivoire Journey with Lazarus as his life intertwines with the life of Yeshua of Nazareth. The two boys grow up in an occupied state. They live a dangerous world.
Discover both the personal and spiritual journey of the Man from Bethany, who thought he knew the Man from Nazareth.
Two men, two deaths, two resurrections. Enemies of the truth seek to destroy them both.

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yes1YES – A Short Story

A homeless man wanders into Vatican City in search of food and shelter. He makes a couple of friends, a fellow street person by the name of John and Papa, who embraces him. John and Papa learn the man’s identity, and so will you.


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A collection of inspirational poems by E. Ann McIntyre.




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A short modern rendition of the first chapter of Genesis.




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